Garden Room Interiors

Flooring Options

Howdens Professional V Groove Flooring

Once the plaster has dried and the interior of your garden room starts to take shape, we offer a range of flooring options to suit your preferences. As our standard choice, we use Howdens Professional V Groove flooring, known for its durability and elegant appearance. This high-quality laminate flooring is designed to withstand everyday wear and tear while providing a visually appealing finish.

Alternative Flooring Choices

If you prefer to select flooring from your own supplier, we allow flexibility in your choice. You can opt for laminate flooring from a supplier of your preference, with a budget of up to £12.99 per square meter (including VAT). We supply the floor insulation to ensure optimal comfort and energy efficiency. Additionally, we offer a range of alternative flooring options such as Karndean, tiling, solid or engineered wood.

Once the structural work is completed, we can discuss these options in more detail. Please note that certain flooring finishes, such as self-levelling or laying in a herringbone effect, may require additional preparation work or labour. Contact us for a quote if you’re interested in these alternatives over the standard laminate flooring.

Painting and Finishing Touches

Brilliant White Vinyl Matt Paint

To achieve a clean and fresh interior look, we paint the finished plastered walls and ceiling with a brilliant white vinyl matt paint. This neutral and versatile colour enhances the sense of space and allows for easy customization of the room’s décor.

Skirtings and Architraves

We supply, install, and paint skirtings and architraves to add the perfect finishing touch to your garden room. You have the option to choose between rounded, square edge, or angled skirting, allowing you to create the desired aesthetic that complements your overall design.

Electrical Installations

Qualified Electrician and Compliance

Our team includes a qualified electrician who stays up to date with the latest regulations, including the 18th edition (2018) update. As part of our service, we provide the relevant electrical certificates upon completion of your garden room, ensuring compliance with safety standards.

Wiring and Power Requirements

In most cases, the garden room will require a direct feed from the existing wiring in your house. The specific design of the electrical installation will depend on the room’s location relative to the house and the power needs. Our electrician will carefully plan and execute the wiring to ensure a safe and efficient electrical system.

We use SWA (Steel Wire Armoured) cabling in the garden, although variations may be necessary depending on the demands of the garden space and your existing setup.

Underfloor Heating and Air Conditioning

As standard, all our bespoke garden rooms come with underfloor heating equipped with a touch screen controller. This feature provides a comfortable and cosy environment throughout the year. However, if you prefer an upgrade, we offer an air conditioning system as an option.

Please refer to the pricing details under the “options” section. If you decide to upgrade to the air conditioning system, please note that regular maintenance is required. Our air conditioning team will provide further information and confirm prices for this service.

Additional Electrical Features

If you require additional electrical features such as extra sockets or switches, we are happy to accommodate your needs. The cost for each additional point is £60 plus VAT. Please inform us of any other electrical requirements you may have, and we will strive to meet your specifications.